Everything We Need To Know About the Masked Dancer

Everything We Need To Know About the Masked Dancer

If you have enjoyed The Masked Singer, then you must be eagerly waiting for its spin-off version, “The Masked Dancer.” Fox will start filming the spin-off show this weekend at the same place where The Masked Singer was filmed.

Let us walk you through the details of this much-anticipated show based on the premise of The Masked Singer.

Everything We Need To Know About the Masked Dancer
Everything We Need To Know About the Masked Dancer

The Masked Dancer is based on the premise of the segment of a very famous show, “The Ellen Show.” It’s one of the most famous daytime talk shows, and the segment is also a hit.

In the original version of this spin-off, a disguised celebrity would appear wearing a mask and sing a song. The judges would have to guess the celebrity under the mask. This time, the disguised celebrity wearing a mask will dance, and the judges will guess the celebrity.

Who Will Host The Show?

The Masked Singer concluded its season 4 just recently and decided to bring a spin-off show to The Masked television world. The new version is being hosted by The Office actor Craig Robinson, who’s a tremendous host.

The Judging Panel

The complete judging panel consists of celebrities that have either hosted shows, worked in movies, and already been a part of judging panels on other shows.

The panelists are Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green, and Ashley Tisdale.

Ken Jeong and Austin Green were already part of the “Masked” universe, with Ken Jeon working as the panelist on “The Masked Singer” and Austin Green working as a contestant on the show’s final season.


Ken Jeong was a host of another popular singing competition, ‘I Can See Your Voice’ aired on Fox.

Paula Abdul is one of the most experienced panelists judging the show. She was a part of the judging panel on the first eight seasons of the popular singing competition “American Idol.” Besides, she was also on the judging panel of the American version of the “X-Factor” and a popular dancing competition.

Her reputation as an excellent singer and choreographer is not hidden as well.

Ashley Tisdale is also a popular singer with three albums to her name and the famous role of Sharpay in “High School Musical” films.

The Format Of The Show

If you’re a fan of The Masked universe and have already seen the show, then you’re most probably familiar with the format. There are 10 contestants divided into two teams of 5 members each. As the show will progress, the contestants will be whittled down to 6 members.

Finally, there’ll be three finalists competing for the title of the winner. The contestants will come out and dance. The panelists will guess the celebrity under the Mask.

The two groups are names Group Ice and Group Fire.

The Number Of Episodes

There will be 9 episodes of the show, which is likely to increase in the show’s future seasons.

We hope that you find the spin-off event as exciting and fun as The Masked Singer.