The Masked Singer Is Coming To Japan!

The Masked Singer Is Coming To Japan!

There is GREAT news coming to the Masked Singer Universe. We have yet again another version of the show coming.

Please welcome Masked Singer Japan to the family.

The details are still pouring in but let’s break down what we know.

Unlike every other version of the show this one will only air exclusively on Amazon Prime. 

According to the press release, the show will follow the same format as other versions of the show and will featuring “12 masked celebrities as an expert panel attempt to work out who they are from the pop songs they sing.”

The show will be hosted by Yo Oh-jhe-Me –


The judges at this time have not been revealed yet but since they start filming in a month we will find out soon. 

Erika North, Amazon Studios’ head of AsiaPac originals, said: “Packed full of surprises and the most enchanting and elaborate costumes on TV, audiences will fall in love with the show, and enjoy guessing with their whole family, friends and all of Japan which of their favorite celebrities is singing behind the mask.”

The Masked Singer Japan will premiere on Amazon Prime Video in Japan starting on September 3rd.

This does open up a ton of questions though; Will they drop all the episodes at one? How will people vote? Is there a live studio audience? 

Right now there are other countries getting in on the action. As of right now, there are four other countries that premiered their own version of the Masked Singer or will air the Masked Singer this year. Those countries are Kazakhstan, Morocco, New Zealand, Sweden. 

I’m sure we will make videos about these other ones down the line.