Masked Singer Is Doing At-Home Audience Now?

Masked Singer Is Doing At-Home Audience Now??????

Well folks I called it!! 

It looks like the at-home audience is back on The Masked Singer.

A few weeks ago I put up a video talking about the brand season 6, of The Masked Singer and how tickets will be available soon. 

On the website, they listed all of the details about how they were only doing in-person audience and what the rules were. 

They mentioned how you had to be vaccinated at least two weeks prior to your filming date, they talked about having to wear masks and how to arrive to set. 

 Other details on the website included which dates they were filming. (which start July 7th and runs until August 8th.


Let’s ignore some of the information they gave us because now they have changed their minds. 

First, they never officially listed the tickets online instead they emailed folks who were a part of the studio audience before. 

The email said if you are reading this it means you’re on your way to becoming a registered voter in the at-home audience.

 Season 6 is here may want you to be part of it. The Masked Singer at-home voting audience is back.

Then at the bottom, it listed different dates which included the first four episodes.

So what does this mean?  Does this mean we may not have a full studio audience? 

 In our last video about Masked Singer Australia, we said that something like this could happen on our version.  I guess time will only tell!