Masked Singer Pitch Correct – Group A

We are two episodes in on Season 6 of Fox’s hit show, The Masked Singer.

This past week was the first time in a long time that the Masked Singer had two episodes in one week.

Episodes one and two gave us our first Masked Singer reveals. 

The Octopus, which was our first reveal was NBA star, Dwight Howard.

Mother Nature, which was eliminated on Wednesday but revealed on Thursday, was Vivica A. Fox.

The last reveal of the week was the Pufferfish and as Nick Cannon said, it was a reveal everyone would regret. In the end, the Pufferfish was Toni Braxton.


The remaining costumes in Group A were Skunk and Bull. We were finally given our first two Wild Cards, Hamster and Baby! 

It’s time that we finally get the first pitch correct audio for the season.

For those who don’t know, every week we are given clue packages. In these clue packages are the celebrities talking to us and giving us clues about themselves.

If you notice, the audio isn’t their real voice. It’s a program that pitches up or down the audio to disguise the voice.

Since I am an audio producer I figured I could reverse this process and uncover the real voice behind the mask. 

Below is a video breaking down the audio. Be sure to make a guess on each contestant.