Will The Masked Singer Season 7 Have A Virtual Audience?

Will The Masked Singer Season 7 Have A Virtual Audience?

The Masked Singer just announced their they are getting ready to start filming season 7. At this moment, three dates are available for in-person viewing only. These dates take place January 26th-28th.

If you would like to get information about the tickets CLICK HERE.

With Covid cases still high, around 45,000 cases on January 16th, some are asking is it possible that the Masked Singer might have a Virtual Audience.

For those who don’t know, since the pandemic started, The Masked Singer has allowed X amount of people to view the performances online. Afterward, they would vote, just like an in-person viewer, and then head offline. These tickets were handed out by the website OnCameraAudiences.com

This system was great during times when Los Angeles County was going through a lockdown and groups weren’t able to gather.

With the jump on covid cases thanks to Omicron, some wish that the show would bring back the virtual audience one more time.

According to The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, LA County’s positivity rate for Omicron has dropped 18%.


While we aren’t done with covid or Omicron yet, data is showing that cases will be low enough for people to return back to viewing these shows in person. 

Many shows such as the Masked Singer does have very strict covid rules for those who are planning on going.

Besides needing to be fully vaccinated, folks will have to get a negative covid test 48 hours in advance.

It’s not just any kind of covid test though, it’s one provided by the Masked Singer production team. 

On top of this, you will have to take a rapid test on the day of the filming.

Now on to if they will do a virtual audience… it looks like they will.

There is a separate page on the On-Camera Audience website that allows you to sign up. The only thing is they don’t allow you to pick a date.

All the site says at this time is;

Attention Masked Singer SuperFans! Season 7 is here! Submit your information for updates on how to be a part of our At-Home Voting Audience!

So will you sign up for at-home voting or in person?

Tune back later for more details.