Ken Jeong Felt ‘Disrespected’ by Rudy Giuliani Reveal, Not Robin Thicke

Ken Jeong Felt ‘Disrespected’ by Rudy Giuliani Reveal, Not Robin Thicke

Last Wednesday it was leaked from Deadline that Former President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was revealed on the Masked Singer Season 7 Premiere.

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According to that leak, after Giuliani was revealed, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke both left the stage in a protest. The other judges, Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny Mccarthy stayed on stage.

This move sparked so much drama in the TV world with every late-night host and news network talking about it.

This was a great move on FOX’s part as it gave the show a BIG boost for its Season 7 premiere.

While people thought that this could all be fake, in an article posted on Friday via People Magazine, we finally got some insider information from a source near to Ken.


Keep in mind there is no Rudy Giuliani Masked Singer video yet, that will be March 9th.

The source confirmed what happened and said that Ken “was super upset and indeed stormed out” of the taping, and another source said he “felt disrespected and was livid to see Rudy was under the mask which is why he walked off.” 

For those who don’t know, Ken is a real doctor and had practiced for 7 years in L.A.

The insider said “Ken has been incredibly vocal about how the previous administration handled many things but especially COVID-19 and has found a lot of what they’ve said not only wrong but dangerous,” “To get someone who helped to spread misinformation and call into question the accuracy of our election and democracy to appear on his show was going to set him off.”

What made this insider information so interesting is that we found out Robin didn’t follow him in protest but rather to check up on Ken.

The source claimed that “Robin actually followed him because he and Ken are very close friends and he wanted to check on him. Robin didn’t storm out because of Giuliani.” 

Regardless of how you feel about this situation, you have to admit, this was a really good move for FOX and the Masked Singer. I still have people reaching out to me who have never seen the show asking what happened. 

What do you think?