Why We See Russia ‘Stealing’ Masked Singer Costumes – МАSКА 2022 

Why We See Russia ‘Stealing’ Masked Singer Costumes – МАSКА 2022

What is going on in Russia right now? I’m talking about the Russia/USA/Ukraine situation, which I will make a video about soon. Instead, we are talking about the МАSКА.

Before you start getting angry with me in the comment section, watch the full video. 

МАСКА is the Russian version of the Masked Singer. aka Masked Singer Russia.

The show had its season three premiere episode last weekend and if you watched the show, you would see a ton of costumes that you have seen before.

This season of the МАSКА they have fourteen contestants. Those contestants are Dog, Octopus, Baby, Horse, Mushroom, Bee, Joker, Donut, Anubis, Leopard, Monster, Peacock, Dragon and Capricorn.

If those don’t sound familiar, they should.


Before we dive into what these costumes are, let’s talk about how the show is produced.

US version of The Masked Singer is produced by Fox Alternative Entertainment. Once they had a hit on their hands after season 1, other countries wanted it.

They started leasing the rights to the logo, stage setup, format, and more. One of the things that they gave different options to was the rights to costumes. For X amount of dollars, they can rent the rights to different designs. Once rented the costume department would then make their own version of the mask.

This is what’s going on here in Russia.

They purchased the right to use certain costumes. This is why you are seeing the same costumes. It’s how the U.S. got the rights to the Lips in season 4. (They came from France).

So let’s break down their costumes.

From the US. production of the Masked Singer, they have, Baby from Season 6, Rottweiler from Season 2, Leopard from Season 2, Monster from season 1, Mushroom from Season 4, 

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