Matthew McConaughey Might Join The WWE

In a strange turn of events, Matthew McConaughey might join the WWE.

During an interview with Maria Menounos on the latest episode of the podcast, Better Together, Matthew McConaughey and Menounos got on the topic of WWE and he was asked if he would every try it. 

Without going into much details McConaughey said that  “It is something that interests me.”

He goes on to say “I love the suspension and disbelief, ‘cause my kids and I watch it.” “They’re starting to get that when they go, ‘Oh this is fake.’ I’m going, ‘What are you talking about? No way!’ Because I won’t give them the wink yet, but they’re starting to get that in there, there’s a bit of one, ya know? Two of them are like, ‘This isn’t fake, it’s real!’ That’s so much of the fun of it, is going, ‘This is real.’ And it is.”

Matthew has three young children with his wife, Camila Alves. They are twelve-year-old Levi, ten-year-old Vida, and eight-year-old Livingston. 


This has been a big week of decision making for the McConaughey family as just the other day they welcomed two rescue puppies into their house. 

McConaughey’s wife Camila, posted two selfies on her Twitter on Saturday showing off their new puppies saying “New addition to the family.”

Alves didn’t share the names of their puppies put did share that they were rescues by the Humane Society.

The McConaugheys aren’t the only family that are growing this week. Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel announced that they had a new baby boy. Check out that article by clicking here