Is Nick Cannon Having Another Child?

Is Nick Cannon Having Another Child? 

Today Nick Cannon’s name had been trending on Twitter and Google because of a big rumor.

Alyssa Scott, who is a model and had worked on Nick Cannon’s show, “Wild ‘n Out,” put a photo on Instagram holding her stomach.

Her photo revealed that she was pregnant and very far into the pregnancy. 

What makes the connection between Scott and Cannon was the photo’s caption “”ZEN S. CANNON.”


This caption now has people speculating that the baby is Cannon’s. 

Fans of Cannon had commented asking her if the child is his and Scott responded with a = emoji.

If this is true, this would be his 4th child within a year and his seventh overall. Currently Cannon in expecting twins boys from Abby De La Rosa plus he just had a daughter, Powerful Queen back in December with model Brittany Bell. 

Nick cannon has not confirmed the news at this time. 

See the Alyssa Scott’s Instagram post below.