The Masked Dancer UK – Viper REVEALED to be Famous Street Dancer

Today, May 29th was the Season 1 Premiere of the Masked Singer UK took place and it was so much fun!!

Season 1 of The Masked Dancer will have 12 costumes but only half were seen tonight.

Those costumes are Carwash, Beagle, Squirrel, Scarecrow, Frog, Beetroot, Viper, Rubber Chicken, Flamingo, Knickerbocker Glory, and Llama.


In the end, the Beetroot, Nickerbocker Glory, and Viper found themselves in the bottom of the pile and one had to go home.

The viper was revealed to be British street dancer, Jordan Banjo (a member of the dance troupe Diversity)

Watch the Viper’s reveal below and tell us if you guessed him!