Masked Singer Clue Drop With Miss Masky

Today, September 15th, Miss Masky is dropping a ton of Masked Singer clues on her Instagram page.

Don’t know who Miss Masky is? She is the new Cluedle-doo for season 6 of The Masked Singer. The only difference is she is only an animation.

Her Instagram account, which was only created a few weeks ago, gives us an inside look at the Masked Singer and its contestants.

[Watch the video at the bottom of this article for a more detailed explanation of the clues]

For the entire day, she is giving us exclusive clues about our contestants every hour on the hour. 

Right now we are going to list the clues that she has given us up until 1pm.

Updated Master list of clues. 

In addition to the first Masked Singer Master List of Clues, we can now add 3 Oscar Noms, 6 Broadway shows, 4 medals/trophies, 84 certified platinum singles/albums, 1 diamond album,630 Million Records sold, 5 Hall of Fame Members, 2x Walk of fame stars, 61 certified gold singles/albums, 9 Teen choice award noms, 2 golden globe noms,

We found out that the bull has some crazy energy. 

There were a few photos showcasing what was heard from the parking lot.


 The Octopus – In my trailer, I must have a speaker to play music, honeybuns, apples and grapes.

 The Bull – I require endless amounts of potato chips in my trailer at all times

The Skunk –  Cheese. Even without the cracker. I need cheese in my trailer when I’m on set

The Baby – I don’t need vocal warmups. Who needs warmups? That’s all for the amateurs.

The Dalmatian – It’s really hard to sing.. or rap with a dalmatian costume on.

The Mallard – I’m not exactly a singer by trade, although I have sung before. I actually had an album once. 

The Chili Pepper – I’m a bit of a good girl and pepper brings out the naughty side in me. I have a little crush on the bull

Banana from the Banana Split – I was surprised to learn that I don’t actually feel bad when the others get voted off.

The Queen of Hearts – I didn’t expect this costume to be so heavy. I tend to tip over a lot.

The Cupcake – I didn’t expect to have to live in the “Don’t talk to me” outfit. We walk everywhere and anywhere in this thing covered head to toe so no one on set will know who we are.