Masked Singer Season 6 First Clues

Masked Singer Season 6 First Clues

Last night the Masked Singer gave us the first clues for Season 6.

FOX aired a duel sneak peek of the Masked Singer and Alter Ego, the new show airing behind the Masked Singer each Wednesday night. [Watch the video by clicking HERE]

This sneak peek was the first time we got to see some of the costumes, besides their still photos. 

In total there are 16 costumes on the Masked Singer. This includes 4 Wild Cards.

Before the sneak peek we knew about Baby, Banana Split, Beach Ball, Bull, Caterpillar, Cupcake, Dalmatian, Hamster, Jester, Mallard, Octopus, Queen of Hearts, and Skunk.

The mask they introduced last night was the Pepper. 

Throughout the introductions of the masks, we were given their first clues. Here is a breakdown of the Masked Singer Season 6 First Clues

Baby Clue –  This pacifier sucker never claimed to be classy  especially when I get gassy

Caterpillar – Taylor Swift knows them

Hamster – Whistle 

Skunk – Elvis

Mallard – Red Phone


Bull – Lions and Tigers

Pepper – Neutron 

Cupcake – Compass 

Banana Split – Dice

Queen of hears – Horse

Jester – Roses

Octopus – Cookies in Milk

Beach Ball – Bandaids

Dalmatians – Eagle

We also got to hear their voices. This led us to pitch correct them which you can hear in the video at the bottom of this article.

For those who are wondering “when does the new season of the masked singer start?”

It’s a two-night premiere on September 22nd and September 23rd. There will be two reveals on the 22nd and two wild cards on Sept 23rd.