Singer Refuses To Leave Masked Singer AU Stage

Singer Refuses To Leave Masked Singer AU Stage

Here at Late Night Recap, we like to cover other versions of the Masked Singer from around the world. One of those versions we cover is Masked Singer Australia.

Since it takes me a day to watch Masked Singer Australia, I was finally able to sit down today to see who was revealed.

In the end, Atlantis was revealed to be Macy Gray. I had planned to make a video talking about this reveal but it was just leaked that didn’t want to leave the show after she was eliminated. 


Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes, who is a judge on the show, had an interview on 2DayFM, a radio station in Sydney, that Gray was so desperate to stay on the show she refused to take her Atlantis mask off.

We don’t see what went down but according to Hughesy, after being told she was to be revealed  she said “She said ‘No, I’m continuing in the show.” They had to pause the recording to tell her, you have to leave and she replied with no, I’m not leaving. 

Watch the video below as we go into more detail.