Episode 4 Preview – The Masked Singer Season 6

This week is episode 4 of the Masked Singer Season 6. For this week we get to see Group A for the third time.

Masked Singer Group A consists of Skunk, Bull, Baby, and Hamster. 

We will be introduced to another Wild Card, Chili Pepper! This is a costume we haven’t heard yet on the show.

The only clue we have for the Chili Pepper is from the pre-season tease. 


In that 30 minutes tease, the Chili Pepper says, “I’m a bit of a good girl and pepper brings out the naughty side in me. I have a little crush on the bull.”

This would indicate two things. One, the Chili Pepper is a girl, and two, she has a connection to the Bull.

Since we already had some rich people revealed on the show the Chili Pepper isn’t a massive star but maybe a Youtuber or a TikToker.

Let’s break down all the clues, pitch correction, and spoilers for Episode 4 plus a preview clip.