Masked Singer Episode 6 Preview

This week is episode 6 of the Masked Singer Season 6. For this week we get to see Group A for the fourth time.

Masked Singer Group A consists of Skunk, Bull, Hamster, and Pepper.

We will be introduced to another Wild Card, Jester! This is a costume we haven’t heard yet on the show. The only clue we have is the Jester is “Roses”

Fox uploaded a tease for episode 6. Take a look at it below.


In the video below we will be breaking down all of the clues and pitch correct audio for the Skunk, Bull, Hamster and Pepper.

At this point we have seen the Skunk and Bull three times which means we have a ton of clues to go through and enough to guess on who they are.

The latest addition to the family is the Pepper. This character only has one episode of clues which is making it harder to pin-point who could be under the mask. 

Watch the video below and listen to the pitch correct video and give us your best guesses.