Masked Singer Pepper Clues – Season 6

When it comes to the Masked Singer, the Wildcard character, Pepper, is new to Group A.

The Pepper was first introduced on Episode 4 of the Masked Singer and sang so beautifully.

Below are the clues we have for the Masked Singer Pepper.

From Episode 4 the Pepper said;

“I want to spice things up. You know, I’ve always had my own flavor, and I’m constantly thinking of ways to not be bland. But this last year has been the craziest. Something I did went viral basically overnight. It spread like fire. I never expected any of it. – But the coolest part was seeing people take what I did and add their own flavor to it. Do you know how they say strike when the iron’s hot? That’s why I’m here.”


In the clue package, we were able to see a few different things. We saw, Hollywood, Sauce, Social Media (aka Tik Tok) and a sign that said “Keep Dreaming”

During that episode, every mask brought something to the Party. The Pepper brought Roller Blades.

You can check out the clue packages below.

Who do you think is under the mask of the Pepper?