Masked Singer Hamster Clues – Season 6

When it comes to the Masked Singer, the Wildcard character, Hamster, has been with Group A for a while now.

The Hamster was first introduced in Episode 2 of the Masked Singer and sang so beautifully.

Below are the clues we have for the Masked Singer Hamster.

From Episode 2 the Hamster said;

I wanted to become the Hamster because unfortunately my body is shaped very much like a hamster. And also I felt stuck in a bit of a wheel going round and round. I mean, who hasn’t felt all cooped up the last year or so? But it has been difficult because I’m kinda, like, a guy who’s always jumping from one project to the next with my famous friends. Alcatraz Island. San Francisco? 

I’m used to being in all kinds of arenas, and this last year has been tricky trying to keep the momentum going. But now I’m breaking routine so that I can let out all that pent-up energy as the wild card! I promise I’ll be the teacher’s pet.

In the clue package, we were able to see a few different things such as a Gold Fish and Alcatraz Island

During that episode, every mask had something in their locker. The Hamster brought a baseball bat.


The next clues came from Episode 4.

From Episode 4 the Hamster said;

As you’ve probably guessed by now. I’m a bit of a party animal. And you should’ve seen me in my 20s. I was living a huge city working with my best pals. The fun that we had when we were younger was the most fun ever. There’s nothing like not being famous, and the next day being famous. ( Laughing ) And that’s what happened to all of us, and the fact that we’re still friends all these years later is phenomenal. They’re really gonna get a kick out of me being here, you know? And I’ll prove myself, and I’ll make Nick even more uncomfortable. I’m just see with what I can do. What? Did you just pee on me?

During that episode, every mask brought something to the Party. The Hamster told them to stay Hydrated.

In the clue package, we saw a dog and a water bottle.

We did a reveal video for the Hamster. Check it out below and let me know if you agree.