Masked Singer Bull Clues – Season 6

When it comes to the Masked Singer, the Wildcard character, Bull, has been with Group A since episode 1.

At this point, the Bull is one of two original Group A costumes for the Masked Singer and he is a crowd favorate.

Below are the clues we have for the Masked Singer Bull.

From Episode 1 the Bull said;

I grew up in a small, small town that was surrounded by cows. Most people in the town didn’t really go anywhere, but I always had bigger dreams. So I left, and I traveled around the entire world looking for my destiny, to be the greatest of all time. The doors I knocked on simply didn’t open. I heard “No” again and again and again. But I didn’t give up. I became my own boss, and eventually Hollywood and even “Forbes” took notice. There’s so much left for me to prove, and I want to do that here. 

The visual clues we saw in the clue package was a painting of the Bull, Cooperstown, Astronaut from season 4 (Hunter Hayes) and Lion.

From Episode 2 the Bull said;

When I was in school, I marched to the beat of my own drum. There was one place that I felt the most free to be myself– my garage. In that dusty space, I created my own world. I put on shows. I gave the best performances. And my shows were always sold out. At least, in my head, they were sold out. “At least, in my head, they were sold out.”

 I lived on my own planet, and tonight I’m singing a song that reminds me of that time and my very first crush, which also means my first heartbreak. And I think it’s true what they say, the first one hurts the most. 


His black-to-school clue was Cheerleaders. Back to School Clue

The only clue was saw in the package was the Disney Concert Hall.

From Episode 4 the Bull said;

I am no stranger to a house party. My parties are notorious for having great music, – everybody dancing. As a kid, I was actually a wallflower. But now I’m the life of the party. The song I’m singing tonight is a statement. I actually wanted to perform this song once before, but I was shut down at the last minute. But here, I’m free to do whatever I want. I guess that freedom is what drew me to this wacky circus anyway. 

During that episode, every mask brought something to the Party. The Bull’s was Raping Paper.

The visual clues we saw were Nurse’s outfit and Carnegie Hall.

We already revealed the Bull. Check out the video below.