The Masked Singer “Take It Off” Buzzer

As you may know, every single season of the Masked Singer is just a little bit different. Whether it’s a new stage or a new format completely, the executives at FOX try to keep us on our toes.

They are changing it up once again by introducing a new Masked Singer Elimination Twist, The “Take It Off Buzzer.”

[Make sure you watch the video for a spoiler for episode 1]

This isn’t the first twist they are throwing our way. In a previous video, we talked about the new Groups and how only the winners of each group get to fight off in the finale.

This new feature is only for panelists that are sure they know who is under the mask.

The Masked Singer The Take It Off Buzzer is just what it sounds like. If a judge knows who is under the mask, they can smash that button and reveal their guess.

If the said judge is correct then the contestant has to remove their mask right there, no questions asked. 

If the judge is wrong then the contestant stays and the judge gets hit with a penalty.


This is where the point system comes in for the Golden Ear. 

For those who don’t know, the Golden Ear trophy is awarded to the panelist who guesses the most masks correctly. Normally when you guess someone correct you receive a point towards the Golden Ear trophy. 

Now if a judge hit the “Take It Of Buzzer” and got their guess correct, then they earn two points towards the Golden Ear trophy.

There is also a penalty towards the Golden Ear trophy if you hit the hit “Take It Of Buzzer” and get it wrong. This will cost you two points. 

According to the Executive Producer, “Take It Of Buzzer” can only be used once in Group A and Group B and might lead to two eliminations per episode.

This might by why a few weeks ago we found reports of there being eliminations of Episode 1 airing on Sept 21st.

On a side note, we are told that there is another penalty if someone guesses wrong after hitting the “Take It Of Buzzer.” Supposedly it is something very embarrassing!!