Masked Singer Season 7 Premiere Date Announced 

Masked Singer Season 7 Premiere Date Announced 

For those wondering when Masked Singer Season 7 will premiere, today we have some great news! 

In a post on Instagram stories, the Masked Singer account showcased a light blue photo saying that the Masked Singer Season 7 will premiere on March 9th.

As far as we can see this will be a one-hour-long premiere. Interestingly enough, they are filming the Masked Singer Season 7 will premiere episode today, January 26th at 12:30 pm PST.

For those who are unaware, the show is not broadcasted live. Instead, the show is recorded with a live audience in advance and then aired weeks later.

This year will be the return of a live studio audience only. In the past few seasons, the show used to permit online viewing and voting but since removed that option.

For those looking to attend a taping of the show, you can visit On Camera Audiences. At this moment there are 10 filming dates which include, 

January 27th,28th


February 3rd, 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 13h, and 18th.

All of these dates film at 12:30 and require some heavy duty covid policies.

In order to be approved for tickets, you have to take a covid test 48 hours in advance. It’s a test that the show provides. This means that you will need to be physically in Los Angeles 2-3 days in advance. 

Once you arrive to the show you are required to take a rapid covid test. If both tests come back negative then you are good to enter the show.

As a reminder, as an audience member, there is a big NDA that requires you to not talk about the show after you watched it (this includes the costumes, performances, and clues).

Those attending the show will NOT see a reveal as they have the audience leave before the reveal.

The Masked Singer will start to reveal costumes as the March 9th date gets closer.

Stay tuned for more details.