Should Celebrities Make Money From The Paparazzi?

Should Celebrities Make Money From The Paparazzi?

Over the weekend, rapper, Kanye West, was leaving the Miami International Airport when he was bombarded with Paparazzis trying to take photos of him.

Lately, he has been in the news a lot since his separation with wife Kim Kardashian.

While we normally don’t cover news like this there was an incident that took place that is interesting.

As Kanye was getting into his vehicle to leave said;

“right now it’s really one-sided. You guys can follow us, you guys can stand out front of the hotel at any given time. You don’t give us any percentage of what you’re making off of us, off of our kids.”

He has a point. Paparazzi always go out of their own way to take a celebrities photo without having to pay said celebrity.

In situations where a celebrity gets paid for their photos to be taken they can make a big check so what is the difference?

Legally anyone can take a photo or record someone if they are standing on public property as long as they don’t have “an expectation of privacy.” 

This is when “a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy means that someone who unreasonably and seriously compromises another’s interest in keeping their affairs from being known can be held liable for that exposure or intrusion” – FindLaw


Think of it as a news network. The law would allow them to film a car crash but not allow them to hand out personal information without permission. (say someone’s name, their injuries…unless given permission).

In the case of the paparazzi, all they are doing is recording persons who are on a public street not in a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy.

It’s a strange law but one that the paparazzi know well.

In that same video that featured Kanye talking about this, he mentioned that one day this would change.

One would think that his separated wife, Kim, is working on legislation on protection for celebrities since there have been so many incidents where paparazzi have gotten into the way of life for them.

So the question is, should these celebrities make a percentage off of the paparazzi for having their photo taken? 

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