Masked Singer Season 7 Preview Tonight!!!

Masked Singer Season 7 Preview Tonight

This weekend we are getting a ton of Masked Singer Season 7 previews!

For those who don’t know, The Masked Singer started filming their Season 7 episodes last week.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were the first filming dates (we assume those were episodes one, two, and three).

If you want to be a part of a Masked Singer episode and vote on who goes home, click the link below for ticket information.

Masked Singer Filming Dates Announced!

Since then the Instagram Account, Miss Masky, has been dropping behind-the-scenes videos from the filming.

Miss Masky is our go-to person for leaks, clues, and behind-the-scenes videos for The Masked Singer.

Yesterday she uploaded three videos from the show. In these videos, we are shown three different costumes. The videos don’t reveal the full costumes but we can piece one together. That one costume looks to be a Jack in The Box. The big question mark plus the moveable lit seem to point to that.


The other costumes showcase something furry and pink, something furry with black spots and something that looks like a Squirrel.

Some would think this could be a dog while others think it’s a monster of some type. Here at Late Night Recap, we are hoping to see a Baby Monster this season. (It’s our go-to costume since Masked Singer Ukraine had their own last season).

Tonight we might be able to see more of these costumes though.

According to our sources, during tonight’s big NFL conference championship games we will see our first preview video.

While we don’t know what time during the show we will be sure to watch and give you a video update tomorrow.

The Masked Singer Season 7 will premiere on March 9th. Get your televisions ready to go for the big show!

Check out our latest video about the show below.