Masked Singer Season 7 Leak! 

Masked Singer Season 7 Leak! 

Masked Singer Season 7 is currently filming in Los Angeles today.

Many people have been asking when will we finally start seeing some ‘behind the scenes’ content from the show.

 For those who don’t know, the show is recorded weeks in advance since there is so much production work that goes into it.

They had just announced a few days ago that the show will premiere on March 9th. 

Yesterday January 28th, the show filmed its 3rd episode.

If you want more details on how to get tickets for the show click the link below. (or watch the video at the bottom of this article).

This season of the Masked singer will be the first season in a while that there is no at-home audience. 


This was a virtual viewing of the show where folks from around the country could watch and vote.

These sessions were canceled for this season due to leaks that have happened last year.

Today though we were able to get our hands on a BIG leak! 

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Miss Masky is the show’s secret agent who had been giving us big clues and leaks on season 6. It turns out she will be doing the same for season 7.

In a video posted on Instagram, we see Miss Masky backstage with a “top secret” sign outside a door.

As she pokes her head in we can see a colorful box with a big question mark on it.

The question is, what is this? Check out their video below andlLet us know below! 

Some are trying to say this could be our first costume for Masked Singer season 7. When we look at this video we decided to edit the sliver of photos together to create one photo to look at.

This one photo shows that this look to be a Jack in a box. Could the Jack in a box be the first reveal of Masked Singer season 7? Let us know!