The Masked Singer Will NOT Do Virtual Audiences For Season 7

The Masked Singer Will NOT Do Virtual Audiences For Season 7

The Masked Singer is currently filming season 7 of The Masked Singer. While the production team is only two days into filming the show, many have been asking when they are bringing back the Virtual Audiences.

Regardless if you wanted to view the show physically or virtually, the only place to get those tickets was on 

For the past 3 seasons of the show, this website had the rights to post the tickets and distribute them to all us super fans.

Due to covid, the show had pushed for at home audience that would watch the performances via zoom and vote at the end.

This was a good system for those who wanted a fun show experience but couldn’t make their way out to Los Angeles.

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If you went on to On-Camera Audiences a few weeks back you would have noticed a completely different page for a virtual ticket and an in-person one. 


At that time all it listed was a message that said to sign up for more details.

Just days before filming though this option was removed from the website and the page was deleted. 

This has prompted those who were picked last season for tickets to reach out to On-Camera Audiences.

It was confirmed via those emails that yes indeed at-home audiences will not be returning to the Masked Singer for Season 7.

How do you feel about this? Do you plan on going to the show in L.A?