More Masked Singer Costumes On Feb 9th?

If you are such a big fan as we are for the Masked Singer then you have spent the past few days researching everything about season 7… Searching for anything that would give us information on costumes, clues, and more. 

We believe we may have found something that will lead to Masked Singer Season 7 details.

Last season the Masked Singer started selling NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. These are one-of-a-kind digital tokens that you can buy, sell, or trade.

For the Masked Singer, these tokens were like trading cards. They would produce X amount of digital cards and for $20 you get three of them. The website the NFTs were located on was 

Every week you would jump online to claim a free Miss Masky card and return later on in the show to purchase the limited edition cards. On top of this, they would have drop events that would allow the purchase of golden cards. 

If you had purchased a full collection of the Golden Cards you would have been put in a contest to win a trip to see the show. They would have flown you out and given you tickets.

Since season 6 ended this site had sat empty but active. You can still trade/sell cards in the off-season.
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Today when you visit the site there is a new event.

The post goes on to day “next premium Airdrop for Collection Holders will be on Feb 9th.” When you got to click it says “Please return here at the time of the event!”

This leads people to believe that on February 9th more costumes will be revealed.

Last week the show announced that they would be premiere season 7 on March 9th. This is only one month after the drop of the new collection.

Could it be that on February 9th we will see all the costumes for the Masked Singer Season 7?

Stay tuned!