Breaking Down The Masked Singer Season 7 Costumes 

Breaking Down The Masked Singer Season 7 Costumes 

Masked Singer fans finally have something to look forward to!

Last night during the NFL Championship Games, fans were treated to a 30-second commercial introducing the first 6 Masked Singer Season 7 costumes.

For those who don’t know, FOX’s hit reality show, The Masked Singer, was renewed for a seventh season.

On Instagram last week they announced that the seventh season will take place on Wednesday, March 9th.

If you were Masked Singer Super Fan, you would have seen that last week the show finally started filming. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, they knocked out their first three episodes.

At this moment there are still seven more episodes of the filming schedule left.

If you want to pick up tickets for the in-person audience click the link below.

The Masked Singer Tickets 


It was just a matter of time before us fans would be treated to the costume reveals.

Six costumes were revealed in the commercial in three different groups, The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly.

One would think that this means we could be seeing 3 groups this year instead of last years two groups.

We have learned that these characters won’t compete altogether in the same group. That means there won’t be a week of all Cuddlies, then all Goods, then all Bads, because they are battling each other.

The six Masked Singer costumes are, Toad, Lemur, Lightning Bug, Knight, Monster, Astronaut Bunny (Unofficial Names so far)

These new costumes will be the first ones without long-time designer, Marina Toybina. 

What do you think of them? I love them! I think the new designer took a very different route than what we are used to. One of them is viewing windows (a window where a performer could see out of to see where they are on stage). Since they made some characters not have two eyes or no window out front it might be harder for the performer to see but it makes the character believable. 

Join us as we talk about them in the video below.