Masked Singer Season 7 New Costumes REVEALED

Masked Singer Season 7 New Costumes REVEALED

The Masked Singer Season 7 is just around the corner and tonight we finally had our first preview of the costumes.

For those who don’t know, FOX’s hit reality show, The Masked Singer, was renewed for a seventh season.

On Saturday the show took to Instagram to announce that season seven will premiere on Wednesday, March 9th. This one-hour show will introduce us to Group A and maybe a Wild Card.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week were the first three filming days of the show. 

With filming under the way it was a matter of time before we would be seeing the first costumes.

On Instagram Miss Masky, the undercover secret giver gave a glance at these costumes. In a post, later on in the night, she announced that if we tuned into the NFL Conference Championship games we might see our first costumes.

Miss Masky was 100% correct! 

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During half-time of the Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs game, we got the first looks at Six of the costumes.

While there are no names of them we will try out best in naming them.

We see A King Frog, A Lighting Bug, A Knight Ram, A Green Monster, An Astronaut Bunny and a Lemur.

It is assumed that these are the Group A contestants. If true, that would mean there would be 6 costumes in Group A, 6 Costumes in Group B, and a few Wild Cards.

The Masked Singer did give us a preview of one more costume which looked like a green box with a red question mark on it.

Folks believe that it’s going to be a Jack in the Box. Others think it’s just a prop for the show (we are going with the Jack in the Box theory) 

Join us tomorrow on YouTube as we break down these new Masked Singer Season 7 Costumes.

Check out the video below!