Masked Singer Master List of Clues – Season 7

Masked Singer Master List of Clues – Season 7

A few days ago we made it video on YouTube discussing the fact that there had not been any master-list play The Masked Singer.

For those who don’t know The Masked Singer master list of clues is normally a list of achievements that is a combination of all the contestants.

In years past Nick Cannon would give us this list in the preseason sneak preview.  Two weeks ago though we had that preview but did not get any Master list of Clues.  This had people thinking that we would not be getting it for this season.

Forty minutes after we uploaded that video online luckily for us we got that list. 

The Season 7 contestants boast a combined 112 film appearances, 15 Grammy Nominations, eight Emmy Nominations, seven Super Bowl Performances, two Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars, and two World Records.


New clues were released on April 6th which included: 16 Broadway shows, 83 Podcasts, 716 Magazine Covers

While this isn’t a long list, we still got more than we thought we would.  According to that list, we have two really well-known celebrities as the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star would indicate.

We expect that this master list of clues will grow as the season continues.  in years past they would add in more achievements second or third episode. (Let’s hope for that).

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Below we break down the Masked Singer master list of clues.