Masked Singer Season 7 Episode 1 Recap 

Masked Singer Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

During last’s Season 7 premiere of the Masked Singer, we got to see Group A perform for the first time.

Group A consisted of McTerrier, Ram, Cyclops, Firefly and Thingamabob.

A few changes were noted from the show. It looks like we might not have a Golden Ear trophy since they never did first impression guesses. 

Clues packages not voiced by celebrities (This one might be our fault) 

Breaking down the clues. 


This clue package came in the form of a commercial 

“The Thingamabob is in need of your help. Being taken from its natural habitat, it now has to fend for itself. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but we know it’s precious and needs to be protected.. With a little effort, we all can live in harmony… Together. For only a couple of quarters a day, you can watch this creature adapt and flourish into the future. You are key to saving this… Thing. I mean, look at those eyes. How can you say no? It’s one of a kind, so be kind and save the Thingamabob. Donate today. A portion of the proceeds go to Robin Thicke’s wardrobe.   

Visual Clues included

Hotel California

Bulldog Costumes aka Nick Cannon

Fish and tackle box

Donation Box

Bald Eagle


Cyclops says: Are you tired of always being cast as the villain? Lumped in with the baddies, forced to lurk under dusty beds? Irritated you’re hiding in yet another cluttered corner? It’s ridiculous! If you feel like you’re already scary enough without a bloodshot eye, try Cydrops. Fast relief and no more redness. But don’t think I’ve turned into a goody. I’ll always be a baddie. Cydrops, watch your life change before your very eye.

Visual Clues included 

A compass that says southeast

Turtle with a cowboy hat



A Comic Book


During the first episode, she was forced to end her son early after choking on stage. 

The Firefly says;

“It’s not always easy to keep my antennas glowing. Ow! Even the Goodies have bad days. 

And nothing’s worse than running on empty with my busy schedule. That’s why I trust On The Fly, the only charger compatible with the Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly. Not only does this product keep me going when I fade… …But it makes me shine like the star I am. Put the power your hands with the On The Fly charger. It’s lit. 

Visual Clues included

Apollo Theater 

Tyler Perry

A charger

Statue of Liberty


The Ram says; 

Hey, girl. Is your man as scruffy as a Billy Goat before his yearly shearing? 

Hmm? – Do you wish he was sporting the smooth look of a real Ram? Say hello the Ramscaper, the secret to keeping my head in the game and my presentation on point. Papa Ram taught me everything I know, including the art of Ramscaping, and I’ve been following in his hoofprints my whole life.  It’s turned me from small young buck to real deal ram. There’s a lot of football. Ramscaper. Don’t be a sheep. Be a Ram. 

Visual Clues included

Hamlet And Macbeth Sign



Piggy Bank – Quarter Return 

In the end, one had to go home and it was…. McTerrier. McTerrier was later revealed to be Duff Goldman the pastry Chef.