Masked Singer Ringmaster Clues – Master List 

Masked Singer Ringmaster Clues – Master List

The Masked Singer Season 7 is fully underway. On March 9th we were introduced to not only a new format but also a new set of costumes. 

The official Masked Singer Season 7 costumes are McTerrier, The Prince, Firefly, Queen Cobra, Cyclops, Ram, Lemur, Space Bunny, Baby Mammoth, Thingamabob, Miss Teddy, Jack In The Box, Ringmaster, Hydra and Armadillo. (Some might have been eliminated by now).

Each week the Masked Singer brings us new clues for each of the costumes. (which you can see below)

On top, of those clues, we have the Master list of Clues. Those clues are the combination of all the achievements by all the contestants competing in the season.

The Season 7 contestants boast a combined 112 film appearances, 15 Grammy Nominations, eight Emmy Nominations, seven Super Bowl Performances, two Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars, and two World Records.

This list is handy in trying to eliminate people who maybe push a certain category too far. (guess someone who has 20 Grammy nominations and you know it can’t be them).

Below is the master list of clues for the Ringmaster.

These clues are will be updated every week to bring you the latest clues for each week of the Masked Singer.

Episode 1 

Ringmaster Cluemercial


Step right up and feast your eyes on a fantastic, amazing, spectacular snack. Just don’t tell your parents. As the Ringmaster, Circus ring-os are my secret weapon that keep the crowd eating out of my hand all night long. With just one bowl of extremely sugary Circus ring-os… Sweet southern. You’ll start your day ready to take over the world. It’s so good. And on top of tasting like cotton candy and smelling like a circus, you’ll get an extra special treat inside every box. Circus ring-os. It’s delish in your dish.

Visual Clues

  • Cereal
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Montana
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Sweet Southern Liquor
  • Golden State Drivers License 

She told Nicole that it was great to see her again

Episode 5

When it came to this clue package, like episode 2 we really didn’t get a clue package. 

The only thing she said was “It was awesome to hear the crowd going wild for my first performance. Team Good is ready to take this all the way and fool the panel every week.”

Since there was no clue package there was no visual clues.

Mega Clue

Guitar with a 90s pick