The Ram Revealed – Masked Singer

The Ram Revealed – Masked Singer

The Masked Singer has officially started their 7th season which aired on March 9th.

They introduced a new format that has the same group of contestants performs until one is left. This has caused many to have to make full reveals based on fewer clues.

The first three episodes only give us performances and clues for Group A characters which include McTerrier, Ram, Cyclops, Firefly, and Thingamabob.

McTerrier was revealed to be Duff Goldman leaving us to figure out the other four characters. 

On Friday, March 11th we revealed the Thingamabob which you can watch HERE.

Today we are going to reveal who is under the mask of the Ram. (See video at the bottom of this page).

Since there was only one episode that had aired so far, we are basing our guess on the clues, singing voice, and pitch-correct audio.

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The clues we have so far for the Ram are

Hey, girl. Is your man as scruffy as a Billy Goat before his yearly shearing?  Hmm? – Do you wish he was sporting the smooth look of a real Ram? Say hello to the Ramscaper, the secret to keeping my head in the game and my presentation on point. Papa Ram taught me everything I know, including the art of Ramscaping, and I’ve been following in his hoofprints my whole life.  It’s turned me from a small young buck to real deal ram. Ramscaper. Don’t be a sheep. Be a Ram. 

Visual Clues included

Hamlet And Macbeth Sign

Deer/Buck Horns




Piggy Bank – Quarter Return

Listening to the singing voice and the pitch correct audio (in the video below) we can confirm that the person under the Thingamabob mask is Joe Buck

This is how the clues connect to him.

Is your man as scruffy as a Billy Goat before his yearly shearing – This is a joke since we are used to Joe Buck being clean shaved but lately is going for a new look that has him growing a beard. 

Sporting the smooth look – He is always looking at the game (sport) to call the plays.

Head in the game – Sporting Reference that he has said 

Papa Ram taught me everything I know – He is referring to his dad, Jack Buck, who was a famous Major League Baseball announcer for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Hamlet And Macbeth Sign – While I did read Hamlet I didn’t read Macbeth so I personally don’t have an answer to this but in the community tab on Youtube some of you mentioned that it meant play by play. 

Deer/Buck Horns
– Nod to his name – Joe Buck

Horse/Bronco – His wife is a former Bronco Cheerleader 

Ref – Refers to his calling Football games 

Piggy Bank – Quarter Return – Refers to his calling Football games

Extra clues: We know people do this show for Good PR. It was just announced a few days ago that this week Joe Buck will be moving from FOX Sports over to ESPN.