Masked Singer Season 7 Episode 2 Recap

Masked Singer Season 7 Episode 2 Recap

During last’s episode of Masked Singer, we got to see Group A perform for the second time.

Group A consisted of  Ram, Cyclops, Firefly, and Thingamabob.

Eric Stonestreet stopped by as a guest on the panel.

A few changes were noted from the show. It looks like some characters don’t get clue packages?

We also got to see the first dual but it wasn’t without drama. Firefly left the stage after being told she was in the bottom two. 

Breaking down the clues. 


She really didn’t have a clue package, which was super strange. All she said was

“In this business, the show must go on. After last week, I had so much pressure on my shoulders. I’m the only member from Team Good left this round, and I want to make them proud. Come on, Team Good!”

No visual Clues.

Mega Clue

Pharrell Williams – He is a mega clue of her career 



He really didn’t have a clue package as well. All he said was,

“Tonight, I’m gonna show the panel another side to my bad self. So hold on. So he was bad? 

No visual Clues.

Mega Clue

Meteorite from 1988 – He said that “legend has it that this meteorite was found in a nook in Ken’s backyard from a galaxy far, far away.”


No clue package but he said,

I knew it was game time opening up the season, and I rocked it. A lot of people think I’m big and scary, but tonight I’m gonna show my cuddly side.”

No visual Clues.

Mega Clue

Cuddly shield – He said that he left my trident backstage, but I still wanted to rock these shields to show America I’m ready for battle!

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In the end, the Ram lost the Dual with Firefly which meant he had to unmask.

The Ram was then revealed to be legendary sports broadcaster, Joe Buck.