Thingamabob Revealed As Singing Football Player 

Thingamabob Revealed As Singing Football Player

The Masked Singer has officially started their 7th season which aired last Wednesday night (March 9th).

They introduced a new format that has the same group of contestants performs until one is left. This has caused many to have to make full reveals based on fewer clues.

Today we are going to reveal who is under the mask of the Thingamabob. (See video at the bottom of this page).

Since there was only one episode that had aired so far, we are basing our guess on the clues, singing voice, and pitch-correct audio.

The clues we have so far for the Thingamabob are 

Visual Clues included

Hotel California

Bulldog Costumes aka Nick Cannon

Fish and tackle box

Donation Box

A Bell


Bald Eagle

Within this we also heard a Clue-Mercial (A clue commercial) that said

“The Thingamabob is in need of your help. Being taken from its natural habitat, it now has to fend for itself. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but we know it’s precious and needs to be protected.. With a little effort, we all can live in harmony… Together. For only a couple of quarters a day, you can watch this creature adapt and flourish into the future. You are key to saving this… Thing. I mean, look at those eyes. How can you say no? It’s one of a kind, so be kind and save the Thingamabob. Donate today. A portion of the proceeds goes to Robin Thicke’s wardrobe.”

Listening to the singing voice and the pitch correct audio (in the video below) we can confirm that the person under the Thingamabob mask is Jordan Mailata.

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This is how the clues connect to him.

Hotel California is a song by the EAGLES – He plays for the Philadelphia Eagles 

Bulldog – He played for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. (that’s in Australia) 

Fish and Tackle Box – He is an offensive tackle on the Eagles 

Donation Box/A Bell – The Bell represents the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

And Bald Eagle – He plays for the Philadelphia Eagles 

By the looks of things, Jordan Mailata will be on the show a bit longer so we wish him the best of luck!