‘One World, One Masked Singer’ Details

‘One World, One Masked Singer’ Details

For some time now we have been talking about how the Masked Singer is so large that there should be an international co-op show and it looks like we are getting it.

The Masked Singer became a hit back in 2019 and has launched over 56 franchises of the show.

We always called these other versions the Masked Singer universe since it combined so many different countries.

Variety broke a new story today saying that the Masked Singer will launch an International Competition called “One World, One Masked Singer.”

Let’s break down what we know about this show. 

This International competition will have celebrities from various local editions of the show around the globe will face off in a worldwide battle. 


They will compete against each other, and be unmasked in the search for “The Global Masked Singer Champion.”

The Masked Singer US Executive Producer Craig is tacked on with Smart Dog Media to tackle this new version of the show.

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Graig said in an announcement that “This project has been a dream of mine since I realized that ‘The Masked Singer’ was going to be a global phenomenon following the success of the format in the U.S.,”

He continued by saying that “It is now in more than 56 countries, and I cannot wait to gather together delegates from each and every one, in brand new costumes, for an epic competition series to air across the planet in each Masked Singer territory.”

Participating countries and network partners will be announced at a later date; Fox would seem like a logical home in the U.S., given that it is the homebase for “The Masked Singer” here — but nothing has yet been confirmed.

In the video below we break down everything we know about the show