The Masked Singer Season 4 Finale

The Masked Singer Season 4 Finale

Season 4th of The Masked Singer has been an amazing one, filled with excitement and emotions. The last episode named “Last Mask Standing” which was a struggle between three contestants. It has been an exciting finale with a lot of mind-blowing surprises and fully packed with emotions and drama.

The Events of The Season 4 Finale

The final three contestnats making up the final 3 were The Crocodile, The Mushroom and The Sun.

Each of these performers was quite fascinating and had captivated their audience with their heavenly singing and enthralling performances. Let’s look into the highlights of this episode, including the winner and the challenges faced by the participants.

The Masked Performances

The Masked Singer Season 4 Finale
The Masked Singer Season 4 Finale

First, each of the contestants performed individually, then there was a group performance. After which through voting the winner and individual standing was decided:

  • The first performance was by the Masked Singer “Crocodile”. She covered Open Arms by Journey. It was an emotional performance with the extras dressed as white with crocodile masks on them.
  • The second performance was by the masked singer “Mushroom”. He sang the song I Wish by Stevie Wonder. It was an exciting performance with a forest theme.
  • The last performance was by the masked singer “The Sun”. She sang The Story by Brandie Charlile. In her performance extras danced along with her fully covered with white.
  • The group performance was the song “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Darlene Love. It was a wonderful performance which really brought in the holiday spirit. 

Voting by the audience:

After the performances, the audience each voted to deduce who came first, second, and third accordingly. After the voting ceremony, each of the performers was unmasked according to their rankings. Keep in mind that voting wasn’t live and was taken by at home audiences back in September. 

The details of the Masked singers being revealed are as follows:

The Crocodile


The crocodile came 3rd of the three performers in “The Masked Singer”, so naturally he was to be revealed first. Fortunately enough for Jenny McCarthy, her guess was right. The Crocodile turned out to be Nick Carter.

The Mushroom

After Crocodile walked off, Mushroom and the Sun were called on the stage to decide the winner of this season. The Sun was revealed to the winner of the show. Now it was time to see who was under the masks.

The Mushroom

Mushroom turned out to be Aloe Blank, the famous singer that sung “Wake Me Up.” Robin Thickle and Nicole were the ones that guessed him right.

The Sun

The Sun was later reveled to be country legend LeAnn Rimes. Both Jenny and Nicole guessed this one right.

There was still one more winner of the night Nick didn’t call yet and that was the Golden Ear award. 

This is the award given to the judge who guessed the singers correctly. With 4 correct guesses to herself, Jenny won the award for the greatest number of guesses.

Final Thoughts

While we haven’t had a date confirmed for Season 5 of the Masked Singer, it’s easy to see that we will have a new season. Till then, we should enjoy the spin-off (The Masked Dancer).