The Masked Singer Season 4 Winner Is…

The Masked Singer Season 4 Winner Is…

Are you a fan of The Masked Singer? Since it recently concluded its season 4, you would be interested to know who won The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer Season 4 Winner
The Masked Singer Season 4 Winner

Without making you wait for any further or going deep into the winner’s story, here’s the short and right answer for you; LeAnn Rimes, who participated as “Sun,” won The Masked Singer finale. 

Season 4 of the reality show consisted of 14 episodes. There were 3 contestants in The Masked Singer finale, with LeAnn Rimes winning the show under the mask of “Sun.” The show’s runner-up was Aloe Blacc, dressed as “Mushroom,” while Nick Carter secured third place dressed as “Crocodile.”

What did the winner sing in The Masked Singer finale?

LeAnn Rimes performed dressed as Sun while singing a cover of “When the party’s over” by Billie Eilish. She delivered a wonderful performance and impressed all 4 judges, including Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke and yes, even Ken Jeon.

Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger guessed correctly while Ken Jeong thought it was Mandy Moore and Robin Thicke guessed her as Katharine McPhee.

Throughout the show, Sun performed amazingly well and covered “Cuz I Love You” along with other songs. Every week kept on getting better. From week One Jenny McCarthy said the Sun was the best performer and she was right. 


Runner-ups of the Masked Singer Finale

Aloe Blacc, who was dressed as Mushroom, was the runner-up of the show. The third finalist was Nick Carter, who participated in the show as Crocodile. 

When Crocodile performed on the finale stage, judges either guessed the celebrity under the mask correctly or made very close calls. Jenny McCarthy guessed correctly, while the other 3 judges called Crocodile as Jordan Knight, Nick Lachey, and Howie Dorough. One of the judges made a very close call by calling Crocodile as Howie Dorough, who’s in the same band ‘The Backstreet Boys’ as Nick Carter

Aloe Blacc, who was dressed as Mushroom, secured second place. He took the show’s secrecy too seriously and decided not to tell his wife about his participation in the show. Later on, when his wife kept asking him why he was not giving time to the family, he disclosed it. However, he kept it a secret from his children, and they didn’t know about it until the final day. 

LeAnn Rimes took home Grammy when she was just 15. She was nominated for the best new artist and won it. She performed live at a very young age and got everyone’s attention because of the talent she had. She has recently released a new song, “Throw My Arms Around the World,” which’s from her upcoming albums. 

She has plans to release the album in May 2020, and she’ll be collaborating with Waddy Wachtel, Stefan Lessard, Mark Batson, Trevor Lawrence Jr., and Darrell Brown in this album. 

All in all, The Masked Singer Season 4 was as exciting as the rest of its seasons. It received huge appreciation from the fans, and participants really lived up to the fans’ expectations.