Every Masked Singer Reveal from Season 4

Every Masked Singer Reveal from Season 4

If you have been a fan of The Masked Singer and missed watching the singer reveal for season 4, then you must be eager to know this. Now that you’re here, it’s time for you to know all celebrities who were revealed in season 4 of The Masked Singer. 

Let’s begin…

The Dragon

The Dragon masked was worn by the famous rapper Busta Rhymes, who is nominated for Grammy 12 times. Despite putting out a strong performance by singing LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out,” the voters didn’t provide enough support, and the Dragon has to reveal the celebrity under the mask. It was a surprise that such a famed celebrity had to leave the stage earlier than anyone else.

The Gremlin

The second celebrity that removed the mask was Mickey Rourke. He is the first participant in The Masked Singer’s history to self-eliminate as he removed the masked himself without waiting for voters to vote him out.

The Giraffe

The third celebrity reveal came out in the form of Giraffe losing the mask. The celebrity under the mask was Brian Austin Green. He lost the mask after two performances. Green is now on the popular show, Masked Dancer.

The Baby Alien

Under the mask of Baby Alien was retired NFL player and sports commentator Mark Sanchez. He displayed a good performance by singing a rendition of Imagine Dragon’s “It’s time.” None of the judges was able to guess correctly. 

The The Lips

Wendy Williams was under the mask of The Lips, and two of the judges called it correctly. 

The Squiggly Monster

Squiggly Monster costume was worn by none other than Bob Saget, and most judges were able to guess it correctly. 

The Snow Owls

Clink Black and Lisa Hartman Black performed the first-ever duet act and put out strong performances under Snow Owls’ masks but couldn’t go past the Group A finals. 

The Whatchamacallit


The basketball player Lonzo Ball was under the mask of Whatchamacallit. Ken Jeon guessed it correctly after failing on the first impression. 

The Serpent 

Known as the Singing Surgeon, Dr. Elvis was under the mask of Serpent. He was eliminated in the double-elimination round. 

The Broccoli

On the special Thanksgiving Day episode of The Masked Singer, Paul Anka was revealed under the costume of Broccoli. 

The Popcorn

During the triple elimination round, Taylor Dayne was revealed under the mask of Popcorn. She is a Grammy-nominated celebrity. 

The Jellyfish

Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim surprised everyone when she was revealed under the mask of Jellyfish. 

The Seahorse

Two time Grammy winner and American Idol semi-finalist Tori Kelly was under the mask of Seahorse. 

The Crocodile

After making it to the finale of The Masked Singer Season 4, Crocodile came in third place. One of the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, was revealed under the costume. 

The Mushroom

Finishing as the runner-up of The Masked Singer Season 4, Aloe Blacc was wearing the Mushroom costume. 


LeAnn Rimes was the winner of The Masked Singer Season 4, and she was revealed under the mask of the Sun. 

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