Masked Singer Italy Season 3 Costumes – Il Cantante Mascherato 3 

Masked Singer Italy Season 3 Costumes – Il Cantante Mascherato 3 

While the US version of the Masked Singer is still about a month away, let’s jump around the world to check out some other versions. 

Today we visit Rome Italy to check out their third season of the Masked Singer. 

The real name of the show is Il Cantante Mascherato which translates to the Masked Singer.

(For those wanting to know how to say it, this is it broken down, (Eh can·tàn·te ma·sche·rà·to.)

The show airs very much different than how it airs here in the states.

The series is only 6 episodes long. If you think that is short, their first season had 4 episodes and their second had 5 episodes.


The first three episodes will be broadcast on Fridays February 11th, 18th, and 25th. There will then take a week off before returning to finish the show on March Friday 11th, 18th, and 25th.

In this season there will be 12 contestants, which is four more than what they started their first season with.

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Cantante Mascherato has given us photos of the new costumes and some of these will look very familiar to you. Some of them are from the US, UK, and Australia. 

They are Pastore Maremmano, Sole Luna, Gallina, Drago, Pinguino, Volpe, Medusa, Acquila, Cavalluccio Marino, Pescerosso, Camaleoonte, Lu Mica, lumaca,

Now in English Fox, Snail, Hen, Penguin, Chameleon, Seahorse, Medusa, Red Fish, Sun Moon, Dog, Dragon and Eagle

In the video below we break down all the Masked Singer Italy Season 3 Costumes and everything we know.