When Are We Getting More Masked Singer Costumes? – ANSWERED!  

When Are We Getting More Masked Singer Costumes? – ANSWERED! 

It’s been roughly two weeks since Masked Singer fans got the first batch of new costumes revealed.  Since then, when are we getting the rest of the costumes.

Our YouTube channel and our Instagram have been blowing off with questions such as “When will we get more Masked Singer costumes.”

Some people have been going out of their way asking if there’s even going to be a show since the Rudy Giuliani leak came out. 

Let’s break down everything we know. (Be sure to watch the video at the bottom as we dive in deeper)

In histories’ past Super Bowl Sunday would be a day where we would get Masked Singer Clues and costumes.

This would happen because FOX used to host the Super Bowl. In those years we would even get an episode right after the Super Bowl which would pull in massive ratings. 


Last year was the first year that FOX was not hosting the super giving the reins over to NBC Sports.

We don’t expect to get any new costumes or clues during the Super Bowl unless FOX paid the $4 Million price tag (which we doubt).

According to the TV Guide, on Sunday, February 20th at 6:58 pm, we will get our next Masked Singer Preview.

The TV Guide listing says that we will get “A glimpse at the all-new costumes, never before seen clues and first-look footage of the highly anticipated seventh season”

This preview will last for about 30 minutes so we expect a ton of good content (misusing out the 12 minutes of commercials) 

At this point we know 6 costumes, Toad, Knight, Lightning Bug, Green Monster, Astronaut Bunny, and Lemur. All of these names are unofficial at this time.

In the video below we break down what we think the format will be for this season.