Masked Singer UK Winner Is The Panda! 

Masked Singer UK Winner Is The Panda! 

Last night was the Series 3 finale of The Masked Singer UK. 

The final three contestants, Panda, Mushroom, and RoboBunny took center stage to see who could walk away with the Golden Mask Trophy. 

The show brought back a few surprises including some characters from the series past. This included costumes like the Bee, Porcupine, and Robin.

The duets were fantastic and really made this finale special. And yes, for those asking, the real characters/singers were in them including Aston who gave his guests on the Mushroom. (He guessed Charlotte Church.

After the fun was over it was time to reveal who was in third. Sadly our frontrunner, RoboBunny was stuck in third.


RoboBunny was revealed to be Mark Feehily. For those in the states, you may not know him. He was in the singing group “Westlife”

The Mushroom was then voted off in second place. In the end, the Mushroom was revealed to be Charlotte Church. (Aston was right!!) Those in the state won’t know her as she has mostly been in the UK music scene 

The winner of the Masked Singer UK is Panda! The Panda was revealed to be Natalie Imbruglia.

Those in the states, you know here, maybe not the younger generations. You know her from the song “Torn.”

Congrats to Mark Feehily, Charlotte Church, and Natalie Imbruglia

Check out our Masked Singer UK Reveal Review video below.