Masked Singer Group B Preview  

Masked Singer Group B Preview 

This Wednesday, March 30th, The Masked Singer will be introducing us to the Group B contestants.

The Masked Singer Group B contestants include Miss Teddy, Armadillo, Ring Master, Hydra, and Lemur.

Up until this point, we haven’t gotten any clues for these characters besides the ones in the Masked Singer Sneak Preview from the week before the Premiere.

In that episode, we saw that Lemur could be a YouTuber since its clue was a Ring Light.

A few preview videos showed online teasing this episode didn’t really shine a light on other clues. 


We learn that the audience doesn’t like what Ken says and that Ken is a horrible dancer  

On the Miss Masky Instagram page, we see a video of the Armadillo and the audio on it is “here comes the boys.” Miss Masky says this is a clue.

TMZ reported last week that the Hydra costume has more than one person inside.

Everyone is still waiting for the episode in which Rudy Giuliani will appear on the show. 

On a side note, for those who follow the Masked Singer on Instagram, you may have seen a video today of Jenny McCarthy. Be sure to check it out because that girl has more muscles than most men. 

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