Masked Singer Season 7 Episode 4 Clue Recap

Masked Singer Season 7 Episode 4 Clue Recap

This past Wednesday was the Group B Premiere of the Masked Singer. 

In this episode, we were introduced to five new costumes. The new contestants were Armadillo, Ringmaster, Hydra, Lemur and Miss Teddy. 

Breaking down the clues from the episode 

Miss Teddy

Miss Teddy Cluemercial

Hello, hello there, huggable friends. Do you want to live your life on Cloud Nine? Then look no further than the Ted Bed. It’s cozy, comfy, and extra cuddly, just like me. Santa. When you’re constantly reinventing yourself, you need all the Zs you can catch. Forget waking up on the bad side of the bed, or even the good side. I mean, the laughing face could mean comedian. Start your day by waking up on the cuddly side. 

Lay your head down in December. Next thing you know, it’s May. The Ted Bed. It’s the best bed to rest your head. Enough said! 

Visual Clues 

  • Rainbow
  • Stanta
  • Pillow fight
  • Trash
  • Actor’s chair – laughing emoji 
  • butterfly


Hydra Cluemercial said 

When you have been bad boys as long as us… You want flavor that lasts just as long. Introducing Triple Head gum. The gum that ended our smoky bad breath forever. Triple the freshness of regular minty gum and three times the flavor. Miami. I’m getting a Will Smith vibe. With your baddest buds by your side, you can do anything you put your mind to.  But first, make sure fresh flavor’s on the cards.  Ask your amigos. Triple Head Gum. We’ll bet you’ll bust away bad breath today. 


Visual Clues 

  • Shark
  • Miami
  • Gum
  • beach balls
  • Bull
  • 8-Ball
  • ATM


Ringmaster Cluemercial

Step right up and feast your eyes on a fantastic, amazing, spectacular snack. Just don’t tell your parents. As the Ringmaster, Circus ring-os are my secret weapon that keep the crowd eating out of my hand all night long. With just one bowl of extremely sugary Circus ring-os… Sweet southern. You’ll start your day ready to take over the world. It’s so good. And on top of tasting like cotton candy and smelling like a circus, you’ll get an extra special treat inside every box. Circus ring-os. It’s delish in your dish.

Visual Clues

  • Cereal
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Montana
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Sweet Southern Liquor
  • Golden State Drivers License 

She told Nicole that it was great to see her again


Armadillo Cluemercial said

Bros, if you’re goody like me, you have a tough exterior… Rocks, like the “Rocky” movies? …But are soft on the inside, and care about how others see you. And after I’ve tackled a long day, sometimes my shell is scarred, dented, or straight-up bruised. So when I get home, I go after my must-have product, Armadillo Scrubs. Sunglasses make me think of a tough guy who wears sunglasses. They wipe out scum like nothing else, and leave my shell looking shiny and lustrous. So whether I’m chasing down my enemies or snuggling up to my lady, I always look and feel great. That’s the “Dillo” on Armadillo Scrubs. 

Visual Clues

  • Black and White video
  • Rocks
  • Beefcake
  • hot dogs
  • sunglasses
  • bow and arrow

In the end one person went home and it was…. Lemur. She was revealed to be super model Christie Brinkley. 

Below is her reveal video!