Masked Singer Episode 3 Recap

Masked Singer Episode 3 Recap

It was truly another amazing episode last night of season 5 of the Masked Singer.

As promised the episode was a game changer with the addition of our first Wildcard contestant, the Orca!

For those unaware, every week we will have a Wildcard contestant on the show who will try to unseat one of the current contestants in the groups.

If you want to know the other three Wildcard masks click the link below.

Masked Singer Wild Cards Revealed + Explained

Joel McHale stopped by as a guest judge and Nicey Nash hosted as Nick is still out with Covid. [Play clip of Joel being funny]

The Wildcard contestant, the Orca, took over the Raccoon’s seat which means the Raccoon was sent home.

The Raccoon was revealed to be….Danny Trejo! (we were right!)

We have a video going through the entire episode at the bottom of the episode. 

Let’s dive into the clues from the show.

Russian Dolls Clues

Kicking off season 5 was a total rush. And we totally confused the panel with our harmonies. But we haven’t always been in unison. There was that time when I,You cracked hard, Anyway, I was doing what I love when I noticed something was seriously wrong.I was rushed to the hospital. And there was no guarantee I’d ever be the same.If it weren’t for the glue that bonds us, I may not have survived.That and a very talented, uh, doctor. The trauma actually made us even stronger. And now, we don’t take any we do together for granted.

Visual Clues – Solar system with moon, earth and mars, a banjo, a hospital, firetruck 

Russian Doll Art – A picture of many cards in different colors. One of the russians said that the colors pop like they do!


RoboPine Clues

My first performance made every quill on my back stand up.

I’ve been in a funk lately, but putting on this prickly shiny armor and singing my heart out was exactly what needed. I felt like a singing superhero. Around 60 years ago, in Costa Rica, my superheroes were the workers whose job it was to keep my streets clean. They had my dream job, but life took me on a different route. To this day, when I see them working, I like to pull over and lend a claw. They say, “Why would a shiny porcupine like you want to get your quills dirty with us?” I tell them they’re the true superheroes who helped instill the work ethic that I’ve carried my whole life– which has gotten me on big stages just like this.

Visual Clues – A trash can with a hour glass picture on it, a flighting bolt, a stuffed cat

RoboPine Art – was a rocker with a spider on it. – He says that he doesn’t like spiders

Seashell Clues

It’s been ages since I’ve been on a stage, so stepping out in front of you all for the first time, I was a bundle of nerves. But I’m still proud of myself for my solo performance. In the past, being alone was scary for me. I always felt like a tiny little shell in a big, big world. But then one day, everything changed. Out of nowhere, a certain Shellman asked me out. He was a total jock. Whoa! Not cool, guys. But he made me feel larger than life and gave me courage to do things I was always scared of.  And no matter how small I may feel on that big stage, I’m more confident taking the dive knowing he’s there to catch me. Whee! 

Visual Clues – Two-minute stopwatch, a black dog watching TV, baseballs,bagels,a grey cat, a small heart

Seashell Art – Mic, book, dish of food and a tornado. – She said that she likes to think of herself as a superhero.

Orca Clues 

Welcome to Orca’s Piehole! Let me tell you the funny tale of how pizza shaped my life. You see, I was 24 and closer to becoming a punchline  than achieving my goal of becoming a big star. My dad told me if I didn’t make waves by 25, it was time to move on. The clock was ticking. I had to hustle.So I improvised. I hid my audition tapes inside boxes of pizza and delivered them all around the town, and it was my last shot. And at the 11th hour, boom! And that’s how I accomplished my wildest dreams. And now, as the wildest card yet, I’m gonna blow up this competition. Now call and order our killer special. Extra large and extra anchovies. 

Visual Clues – a pizza place, the pizza specials were lemon pizza, orange pizza and pumpkin pizza, a clock with 2:59 on it, a VHS tape, and the address “1313 Melville court”

Orca Art – The orca surfing with a jet fighter flying over him.

Below in our video we will break down the pitch correct audio, the clues and more!